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What should you avoid to make sure the RBS lasts for over 15 years?


Are you experiencing issues with your resin-bound stone (RBS) driveway? Learn from others’ mistakes and ensure your RBS lasts over 15 years with these essential tips:

Temperature Management:Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your RBS. Cold conditions may prevent the resin from curing properly, while high temperatures can weaken the surface. Aim to work in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C, adjusting troweling time accordingly. Use accelerators in colder conditions and avoid working above 30°C to maintain optimal results.
Mixing Consistency:Consistency is key when mixing aggregate and resin. Ensure each batch is mixed for the same duration to avoid visible variations in the blend. Consistent mixing prevents color discrepancies and ensures a uniform finish.
Depth of RBS:
Maintain a minimum depth of 15mm to ensure the bending strength of the matrix remains intact. Use a 15mm board during installation to achieve the desired depth and prevent cracking due to sub-base movement.
Moisture Management:Moisture can interfere with the curing process, leading to foaming and delamination. Avoid laying resin during rainy or dewy conditions, and use accelerants to expedite curing. Additionally, prime surfaces thoroughly to prevent moisture penetration.
Laying on Wet Concrete:Moisture from wet concrete can cause foaming and delamination. Wait at least two weeks in dry weather before laying resin on freshly screeded concrete. Consider using resin trays to facilitate installation without compromising on quality.
Addressing Differing Sub-bases:Ensure uniformity in sub-base materials to prevent cracks along transitions. Total dig-outs can ensure uniform settling, minimizing the risk of differential settling between sub-base materials.
Adequate Supply Planning:Running out of supplies midway can lead to stress and compromised quality. Always order more than you anticipate needing and utilize stop/day joints to manage interruptions in supply. Remember, both resin and aggregate have long pot lives if stored properly.
Contaminant Prevention:Avoid laying resin over debris such as cigarette butts and leaves, which can cause spot failures. Thoroughly clean the area before installation and prime surfaces to enhance adhesion.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can mitigate common pitfalls and ensure the longevity and quality of your resin-bound stone installations.

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