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Erinstone & Ecologi is eco-friendly

Support Greenpeace with their actions to highlight corporate negligence where their actions harm the future of our planet. 

Ecologi / Eco-friendly / Resin bound stone

Not only is RBS beautiful but our resin bound driveways & resin bound patios are helpful to the environment due to natural water drainage. We also support lease support Ecologi so they can continue to plants trees in Britain and across the world. This funds local economies in developing nations, and eco-friendly and renewable energy projects around the world. Erinstone  have just reached 3 months as a climate-positive company.

Our pension scheme which all our employees use is also green – see below for content

smart pension

Our product: 

Using premium UV resin, a variety of high-quality stones and skill to create beautiful resin bound stone products such as resin bound driveways/ resin bound patios & pathways

How our product is better for the environment: 

To produce Cement for patterned concrete and concrete briquettes for block paving, large amounts of CO2 is released which adds to global warming.

Tarmac is made with bitumen from Crude oil. It also does not age well, going grey in a year or two and being prone to oil degradation and freeze thaw which both cause potholes. The tar coated stones end up in our watercourse when washed down drains. When it is replaced more oil is used. 

All the above old fashioned products are not very water permeable and wash off contaminants into our water system. Resin bound driveways & resin bound patios by being porous will allow water to penetrate through the sub base early and filter into the watercourse which filters out the contaminants before returning to the water cycle.

see the article below about the coming changes

telegraph – ban on paving

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