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Ground Reinforcement Grids

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Looking for EcoGrid ground reinforcement grids ?

Erinstone are the only supplier and installer in South Wales of the Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids from EcoGrid Ltd. It is one of the premier permeable paving solutions in the U.K. and we use them in two ways.

  1. Installed on top of a compacted sub-base, Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are excellent when laid underneath our Resin Bound Stone when we are laying that product.
  2. As a stand alone product, the grids can be laid as a surface where costs and drainage are a priority, such as a car park or footpath.

Once we know the size of the area to be covered, we can order direct and then either supply only or install ourselves. We have considerable experience with using this product successfully for several years.

Which areas do we cover?

Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Carmarthen, Cowbridge, Llanelli, Merthyr Tydfil, Neath, Port Talbot, Porthcawl and all surrounding areas.




Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are made from recycled and recyclable LDPE (low-density polyethene). It is a highly durable material, resistant to all extremes in temperature and the chemicals around today. The grids expand and contract comfortably within those temperature variations, flexibly bending where necessary. Alternative surfaces erode over time and crack under extreme conditions. This necessitates costly repairs.



Frost safe, they have been classified as carbon neutral and therefore have zero effect on the environment. Using recycled plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

Locking Mechanism


One of the best things about EcoGrid ground reinforcement grids tiles is that they clip in and lock firmly together and once locked, will not come apart. This is most important if vehicle use is needed as they will not lift and break and cause the top surface to become both unsafe and unusable.

U.V. Stability


Ecogrids are fully UV stable so that they will not start to break down within a very short period of time.

Load Bearing


The Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids can take up to an amazing 800 tonne per sq metre across a 40-tonne axle load.



Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are cleverly small enough to cope with variation in levels. They come in a size of 330 x 330mm square. Larger sized grids (500 x 500mm) are especially springy and when the ground moves, they can flex upwards and allow surface material to fall underneath the grids. This can make the ground more unstable.



Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are completely permeable so are 100% SuDS compliant. No planning permission is therefore needed to install. Once laid, they are infilled with chippings, preferably angular 10mm stones as they lock together slightly better than rounded ones. Water flows straight down to the water course through the gaps in these chippings without affecting the integrity of the product.


Ecogrids can be filled with gravel, soil, grass, turf to provide a decorative appearance.  


They are considerably more cost-effective than other more traditional foundation systems as the excavations and in-fill materials needed for the groundworks are far less.


Some of the applications that Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids can be used for include.

  • Cycle paths and footpaths
  • Garden landscaping
  • Foundation system: greenhouses and sheds
  • Car Parking
  • Driveways
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Outdoor event surfacing, where large crowds are expected and surface protection is needed.
  • As a base for Resin Bound Stone
  • Equestrian paddocks, riding areas and stables
  • For protection around trees roots
  • As ground support in campsites
  • Golf courses: walkways and buggy paths

Why do we use EcoGrid Ground Reinforcement Grids?

For us, Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids are the obvious choice and it ticks every box for us…

  • So easy and quick to lay. Anything up to 100m per hour can be laid.
  • Water drains away fully and is therefore 100% SuDS compliant.
  • Ecogrids provide a sturdy and solid base for both small and large vehicles to drive on.
  • Strong load distribution and able to be driven on straight away even if the Resin Bound Stone is not laid straight away.
  • Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids have a longer lifespan than tarmac and have a 20 year guarantee.
  • It also allows us to bury what carbon footprint we have underneath the surface for a long time.
  • Less mess on site.
  • Ecogrids are considerably cleaner and greener than tarmac as not only are they made from recycled low density polyethylene, they are also fully recyclable.
  • They can be laid in extreme temperature conditions where you traditionally have difficulty in laying tarmac such as heavy rain and even blistering sun.
  • Ability to apply the Resin Bound Stone on top immediately. There is no need to wait for tarmac to cure.
  • No potential safety issues of dealing with a hot product, such as tarmac.
  • There is always a race against time before the bitumen hardens to get everything straight and level. This can cause considerable pressures, particularly over a large area. The beauty of Ecogrid ground reinforcement grids is that there is no time pressure to lay them.
  • They all clip and unclip together to form a solid frame. It is very easy to adjust them if not totally happy or add either a bit more or less sub-base in certain areas to get perfectly flat.

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