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How easy is it to Install a Resin Bound Stone Surface?


One-Day Resin Bound Stone Overlay vs. A Full dig-out with Four-Day Prep


Welcome back to ErinStone Ltd, where we turn dreams into outdoor realities. Today, let’s explore the fascinating world of Resin Bound Stone installations and the choice between a quick one-day overlay and the comprehensive four-day preparation. This article will help you decide whether you need a One-Day Resin Bound Stone Overlay vs. A Full dig-out with Four-Day Prep – let’s dive in!


One-Day Resin Bound Stone Overlay Installation:

Project Vision: Picture this: a swift transformation in just one day! The allure of a one-day Resin Bound Stone overlay lies not only in its cost-effectiveness but also in the ability to turn a stable surface into a visual masterpiece. With an 18-mil resin topcoat, your space becomes an instant head-turner.


Prior Experience: Quick and efficient – that’s the mantra when overlaying robust surfaces. For concrete, we simply roll-on primer before laying Resin Bound Stone, allowing you to step onto the aesthetically improved surface in 24 hours.


Budget Considerations: Choosing a one-day installation doesn’t just save time; it’s a pocket-friendly way to infuse elegance into your surroundings without breaking the bank.


Four-Day Prep before Installation:

resin drivewayresin driveway

Long-Term Expectations: Embark on a journey of durability with our four-day preparation process, backed by a 15-year guarantee. Beyond aesthetics, this comprehensive approach ensures a stable foundation, making your Resin Bound Stone surface a timeless gem.


Aesthetic Preferences: Manholes, gullies, stone edging, and the surface fall can all be altered and seamlessly integrated, creating a bespoke outdoor space that mirrors your vision.


Eco-Friendly Touch: But there’s more! Our meticulous preparation ensures that the subbase and mid-layer become completely porous and SuDS compliant. What does this mean for you? Any water landing on your Resin Bound Stone surface gracefully flows through the pores, contributing to water table rather than flooding the streets.


Project Investment: True, the four-day journey requires a bit more investment, but the meticulous work pays off. The cost, around three to four times greater, reflects the attention to detail and commitment to providing you with a top-notch, enduring outdoor space.


Your Dream Awaits – Time to Decide!


Whether you’re after the quick allure of a one-day transformation or the enduring charm of a four-day masterpiece, ErinStone Ltd is here to make it happen. Ready to bring your outdoor dream to life? Fill in our Free Online Estimate Form [click here] for an instant estimation tailored to your project for both scenarios.


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