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Internal Resin









White Concrete Worktop with an Aspartic Top Coat

Internal Resin





Internal Resin





We can help to design, test and install a wide range of bespoke cutting edge flooring, wall and worktop overlays. Stone Carpet, poured metallic resin, silicone quartz render and Aspartic top coats. We love research and development here at Erinstone and look forward to inventing and re-creating innovative surfaces as a response to new resins on the market and the niche needs of our clients who want something visually stunning, durable and super hard wearing with a smooth clean finish, no joints, minimal fade or discolouring with a massive variety of styles.

Something personal, unique, better.

Stone Carpet

An internal version of our BBA certified Resin Bound Stone Surface. Using the same technology but using smaller stones but with the option of sealing the surface completely. Alternatively, you could have water draining away beneath the flooring if you desired, perfect for indoor pools. It uses natural blended stones so it feels clean but natural, warm, but familiar.


  • Smooth
  • Non-slip
  • Modern
  • Hard wearing
  • Can match our outdoor Resin Bound Stone Surfacing
  • Resistant to nearly all chemicals.

Could work well in your workshop / garage / retail entrance / bar outdoor area / museum / gallery/ swimming and spa pool.

Works well for adding interest with designs, logos, borders while keeping a sleek warm, natural stone appearance.

Once prepared and primed the resin based stone carpet is installed by our highly skilled team in order to leave a beautiful surface with high tensile strength, seamless and impermeable, frost resistant, waterproof and UV light resistant.

Once the resin bound stone carpet compound is applied two layers of top coat resin sealer are applied to leave the surface incredibly strong and aesthetically pleasing, completely transforming any surface or space it is applied to. Ready to walk on in just two hours the surface is  elastomeric and does not shrink as well as being totally resistant to cracking.

We offer tailored slip resistant finishes, enabling the degree of slip resistance to be varied depending on the environment and specific requirements of the space you are using.

Polyaspartate Top Coat

Aspartate resin technology has come a long way.

It is now:

  • Fast curing
  • Hard
  • Zero VOC
  • UV stable
  • Flexible
  • Most importantly very clear

We can use it to make worktops and tables with a beautiful waney edge, cover a floor in pennies, preserve an 150 year old tiled floor or create a custom 3D photo floor.


  • Glossy
  • Water proof
  • Very easy to clean

A huge benefit of applying a Polyaspartate top coat is that it protects the aesthetics and integrity of the finished surface including your logo/photo/wall paper below.

Could work well in your kitchen/bathroom, bar, club, restaurant, dentist surgery, beauty salon. Works well for showing off and protecting a precious beautiful surface while making a making a statement.

Our polyaspartic system is virtually odourless during installation, making it the perfect choice for facilities wishing to get on with things. Durable and chemical resistant, polyaspartic floors are solvent free with zero VOC, ideal for minimising environmental impact whilst creating a healthy space for employees and visitors.

Polyaspartic flooring and Epoxy flooring systems can both be used simultaneously, allowing facilities to benefit from the strengths of both. Polyaspartic floor coatings can be applied both as a standalone surface or over existing epoxy floors.

Polyaspartic floor coatings are incredibly versatile depending on your business or organisation’s requirements. From antimicrobial protection for spaces which depend on high standards of hygiene and attractive finishes, however scratches into the surface can diminish the effectiveness of the antibacterial design. Anti-slip options are also available. This is a surface which can be customised to meet your precise needs.

Poured Resin Flooring and Worktops

A UV and colour stable resin is applied thick which allows different colours to be artistically applied to give depth and interest to this very modern surface. Fast setting allows multiple coats to be allied in one day to completely transforms tired flooring and worktop/counter surfaces without having to rip out or demolish the existing surfaces.


  • Visually striking
  • Smooth
  • Water proof
  • Very easy to clean
  • Feels warm and silky barefoot
  • Unique with marbled/feathered detailing

Could work well in your kitchen, garage, leisure facility, dance studio, bar, pub, club, restaurant, retail environment, gymnasium, showroom.

Silicone Quartz Render
Erinstone are now installing resin based quartz render from GlamRend. There are more than 40 different colours, with or without glitter, which can all be applied to plaster, wood, concrete, brick or block and can be used on most floor and wall surfaces, horizontally and vertically. 
Similar to Venetian plaster, the added quartz stone adds another visual dimension but it is much more than aesthetics. It is scratch proof, easily cleaned, durable and waterproof and comes with a reassuring 15 year guarantee. 


  • Visually striking
  • Textured
  • Water proof
  • Very easy to clean
  • Scratch proof
  • Over 40 different colours with or without glitter

Could work well for your feature wall, wet room, kitchen splash back, swimming pool, leisure facility, bar, beauty salon, restaurant, retail environment, gymnasium, showroom.