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Introducing Erinstone’s Blends: Where Passion Meets Pavement:


Let’s face it, springtime whispers promises of BBQs, blooming gardens, and enjoying our outdoor spaces. But before you break out the patio furniture, have you considered the foundation of your backyard fun? Enter Erinstone Blends, our unique collection of resin bound stone mixes, crafted with the same dedication as your favourite recipe.


We’re not just any resin bound stone company. We’re Erinstone, and since 2016, we’ve been obsessed with perfecting the art of the perfect driveway, patio, or hardscape. It all started with a simple quest: to create the strongest, most porous stone matrix possible. Winters became our testing ground, with countless blends meticulously formulated and analysed for strength, flexibility, and friction.



We’re proud to say we don’t compromise on quality. That’s why we champion Leesons polyurethane resin, a BBA-approved powerhouse that’s both flexible and water-resistant – your guarantee of durability. But our passion doesn’t stop there. We love discovering new aggregates and hand-crafting unique blends, some even named after beloved cats and friends’ daughters (hey, a personal touch never hurts!).



Sustainability is also close to our hearts. We partner with 4 trusted stone suppliers and incorporate recycled materials like SBR (crushed car tires) in our RubbaStone range. Oh, and guess what’s next on our eco-friendly to-do list? Experimenting with recycled nappy fibers from a local Welsh business – talk about thinking outside the (driveway) box!



Today, we offer 24 unique Erinstone Blends, meticulously displayed on our website (www.erinstone.co.uk/blends). Feeling inspired by someone else’s creation? We can even match blends from other major suppliers.


Ready to transform your outdoor space with a touch of Erinstone magic? Get a free quote today (www.erinstone.co.uk/estimate) and let’s bring your vision to life, one beautiful, durable, and sustainable pavement at a time.

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