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What about weed resistance and maintenance?


What about maintenance?

Did you lay that beautiful block paving just a few short months ago but now it is looking more green than the cream it should be as the moss, algae and weeds compete eagerly for your attention? And why is it uneven?

Have you also noticed that the hairline cracks in your increasingly blackened concrete driveway have started to open up so badly over the winter that it now look like some of the Amazonian rainforest is trying to break through?

And are you one of those people who has been a little too vigorous with the jet washer on those gorgeous textured slabs? Yes, you’ve got the colour back a bit and gotten rid of the weeds down the side but whoops, now you’ve washed out all the filler and support from the joints. Won’t be long before the slabs wibble wobble as you walk gingerly on them, like stepping stones across a stream.

How can Erinstone help?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the chances are you will be one of those people who doesn’t want to be concerned with all that constant weeding and prefers a much easier life. I think most people know how that feels!

We think that Erinstone can offer the solution…

Let our Resin Bound Stone transform that dreary path, patio or driveway into a thing of beauty.

Block paving and slabs are not laid as one smooth surface so have gaps in between where any weeds are able to come through to the surface. Yes, you can get rid of these weeds by jet washing, but over time the sand between the blocks will erode away, allowing the surface to become more susceptible to weed growth or become uneven. Both surfaces also need more maintenance and tender loving care than Resin Bound Stone does. Weeds will be growing through at an alarming rate but also the gaps between the blocks/slabs may need refilling over time to keep them strong.

Damaged Concrete

Concrete cracks occur pretty often, either in the winter when the temperature drops or in the summer when it expands. It seems to get you either way. Damaged concrete then allows water to seep deep into any holes and cracks that have developed, which then expands as it freezes, causing even more damage.

This is where we feel that our product wins hands down over the other options. As there are no edges or gaps with Resin Bound Stone, weeds will find it almost impossible to grow through and cause damage.

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Smooth surface, I’d like to see weeds try and get through this!

Resin Bound paving doesn’t soften in summer, freeze in winter or fade in sunlight. Alternatives, such as asphalt, tend to soften in the heat (which can result in surface marks), may freeze in cold weather and can also experience colour deterioration due to UV exposure.

It can be possible to get concrete, block-paving and slabs cheaper in some cases, however, in the long run, Resin Bound Stone will be the overwhelmingly more cost effective option, due to the lack of maintenance and repair needed over the years.

SuDS compliant and water draining

As it is completely porous and Suds compliant, water is drained immediately. Therefore, as there is no more build up of algae around the edges, you can wave bye bye to the stepping stones forever. Being more flexible than either concrete and tarmac, the crack free approach means the Rainforest will be gone too.

As we all know to our cost, weeds never know when they are beaten, but you can keep it under control very easily. Providing any established weed growth is removed before a Resin Bound surface is laid, it is very unlikely, with regular cleaning, that any new weeds will grow. Tidy up any detritus regularly with a sweeping brush and as long as you have a deep and strong sub-base for support and give a jet wash once or twice a year on the surface, you can virtually eliminate all weed growth forever.

It’s this easy to maintain…

It should also look just as good after 20 years than it does when first laid. And you definitely can’t say that about concrete, tarmac or block paving.

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