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Build Your Dream Walkways and Paths in South Wales with Erinstone

Based in Swansea, Erinstone is one of the most preferred and trusted, local contractors for installing and maintaining custom-designed patios, driveways, paths, and walkways in South Wales manufactured from UV-stable resins. Being inspired by beauty, simplicity, and functionality, our  resin-bonded, permeable stone paving products are not only irresistibly appealing but also offer you the ultimate in Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Meet the Sustainable Porous Paving Specialist for Flexipave and Flexistone in South Wales

Flexipave is a composite material made from stone aggregate and free-form ground rubber. Our dedicated team of engineers prepares this compound onsite with premium UV-stabilised resin and installs it by hand only for achieving the perfect finish, astounding flexibility, and required depth; which would have been not possible otherwise with traditional alternatives.

If you are looking for the best solution of vehicular access without exceptional, sustainable drainage properties, nothing can beat the performance of Flexistone. Similar to Flexipave, it is another state-of-the-art paving product that facilitates penetration of natural water directly into aquifers.

Flexistone is a product designed to promote water recharge directly into natural aquifers, but we also provide several different solutions for managing rainfall once the water has penetrated our top surface.

Some of the key advantages of installing Flexipave and Flexistone in South Wales are as follows:

  • Being highly porous, they allow adequate amount of air and water to penetrate the surface
  • You can choose to install them on regular compact stone and a myriad other kinds of bases
  • The dynamic nature of Flexipave and Flexistone allow them to gently reposition in response to minor movements
  • Both Flexipave and Flexistone are capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations without any cracking
  • You can select from a wide and diverse gamut of exciting colours


Why Choose Us for Sustainable Walkways and Paths in South Wales

At Erinstone, we are committed to providing the best of cutting-edge home and commercial paving solutions for home and businesses that also double up as environment-friendly drainage systems. Our flexible porous pavement is installed by our experienced crew. Erinstone has the capacity to deliver the best products for your commercial and residential properties.

Our paving solutions are combined with our skilled craftsmanship, and the installers will deliver a unique and beautiful product for the specific space. Installation is dependent on weather as we use a moisture cured binder. Our company is South wale’s premier resin based stone installer and provider. The rugged one-of-a-kind membrane is a simple-to-apply common-sense solution for sundecks, flat roofs, garage floors and more.

Our flexipave flexistone in South Wales are ideally suited to weather of Swansea. Flexistone delivered by Erinstone are thick, seamless and lasts for decades. Our attractive, low maintenance systems are also approved for applications over living space. The resin based flexistones that we provide are prefect for walkways, paths and other spaces in your property. When it comes to resins, we only offer the best and quality materials for our clients. We follow different types of resin laying techniques that blend several different natural stone types to meet your exact requirements.