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Why we use resin trays as an alternative to tarmac


With tarmac, apart from the mess and potential safety issues of dealing with such a hot product, you are always in a race against time before the bitumen hardens in order to get everything straight and level. This can cause considerable pressures, particularly over a large area. The beauty of these Resin Trays is that there is no time pressure to lay them. As they all clip and unclip together to form a solid frame, it is very easy to adjust them if not totally happy or add either a bit more or bit less sub-base in certain areas to get perfectly flat.

We are based in Swansea, South Wales which is true to say has its fair bit of wet weather, however, we are able to put Resin Trays down in extreme temperature conditions where you traditionally have difficulty in laying tarmac such as heavy rain and even blistering sun (yes, we occasionally get blistering sun here!).

For us, Resin Trays is the preferred choice as they tick every box for us…

  • They are so easy and quick to lay.
  • Coupled with our layer of Resin Bound Stone, we have over 2 inches of porous materials going down so water will drain away fully and we are therefore SuDS compliant.
  • It provides a sturdy and solid base for both small and large vehicles to drive on.
  • Strong load distribution and able to be driven on even if the Resin Bound Stone is not laid straight away.
  • Ability to apply the Resin Bound Stone on top immediately. There is no need to wait for tarmac to cure..
  • They are considerably cleaner and greener than tarmac as not only are they made from recycled low density polyethylene, they are also fully recyclable.
  • It also allow us to bury what carbon footprint we have underneath the surface for a long time.
  • There is less mess and less messy tools on site.
  • They have a longer lifespan than tarmac and have a 20 year guarantee.
  • Having a low surface area of exposed plastic allows a greater bond between the stone infill and Resin Bound Stones, providing a more solid top layer.

Alternative surfaces erode over time and crack under extreme conditions necessitating costly repairs. The integrity of the Trays keeps it all solid and will move and adapt to the conditions along with the Resin Bound Stone, allowing a crack free surface.

Below is a picture showing a recent job that we have completed using Resin Trays. After the sub-base was put down and compacted, the Trays were added easily and quickly to allow us to apply Resin Bound Stone on Day 3 to keep up with our busy scheduling.

Day 1. Putting Sub-base down and compacting.
Day 2. Laying 140 sq mts of Resin Trays and getting perfectly flat.
Day 3. Lay chosen Resin Bound Stones.

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